Metalo frezavimas CNC staklėmis

Metal milling with CNC machines

Milling is an integral part of metal processing that allows to produce even the most complex parts and product shapes. For 3D milling, we use 3-axis CNC machines that ensure the works are performed extremely efficiently and quickly, and the process of production is carried out with extreme precision and quality, resulting in products of various complexity.

We accept orders for both individual and serial production.

We have a large amount of tool steel stocks in our warehouse, therefore your orders will be fulfilled in no matter of time.

You need metal milling if:

  • Your project requires products whose dimensions must be highly accurate;
  • The product form comprises components that would be difficult to produce without CNC machines;
  • A product of exceptional quality and precision is required, which cannot be produced without the use of CNC machines.

If you want a product that is made exactly according to the drawing and free of all inaccuracies during production, then metal milling services are exactly what you need. Contact us and we will ensure that the works are carried out in the most professional manner, fulfilling your every need and idea. We value our customers’ satisfaction with the results, therefore our team consists only of engineers with many years’ experience, while works are carried out with the use of only the highest quality CNC machines.

We also provide the following machining services:

  • EDM (Electrical discharge machining);
  • Grinding;
  • Milling, etc.