Metalo frezavimas CNC staklėmis

Metal riveting


One of the popular metal fastening methods is riveting. Metal rivets or steel rivets are used to join two metal parts without the possibility of separating them. Riveting is considered one of the strongest joining methods. High-quality riveting ensures a stronger joint than obtained by way of bolting, soldering or even welding. After connecting two parts with rivets, they can no longer be disassembled. This joining method is particularly suitable where a vibration-resistant joining method is required, which is why riveting is widely used in the metalworking industry.

The riveting process requires special equipment and knowledge on how to use it safely and professionally. This is why you should entrust these works only to professionals in the field. Our Company is ready to perform riveting-related works in a prompt and high-quality manner.

We provide the following riveting services:

  • Cold riveting, with the use of a riveting tool;
  • Riveting of parts with the use of pressing.