Metalo frezavimas CNC staklėmis

Metal laser cutting

Metal laser cutting is a sheet metal processing process, during which metal is cut by a high-power laser stream. Metal laser cutting is distinguished by the fact that a thin cut is produced during the process, which guarantees that the results will match the drawings.

Our Company performs laser cutting of steel sheets with the TRUMPF laser cutting machines. We cut even very small and complex parts. The cut lines of laser-cut steel parts are precise, clean, smooth, free of cracks, and often do not require any additional processing. Laser cutting is an advanced metal sheet-cutting technology. UAB “SDL engineering” specializes in cutting mild, galvanized and stainless-steel sheets as well as non-ferrous metal sheets: aluminium, copper and brass sheets. Together with our customers, we can implement the baldest ideas. One of the most important features of the laser cutting process is that the works can be carried out extremely quickly. Even very small and complex parts can be cut out. Metal laser cutting or engraving is characterized by precision and quality. Cut products can be used in the food industry, in the production of machines and equipment, in individual projects, and in many other areas. Our laser cutting machines are adapted to standard and non-standard dimensions of tin sheets, with maximum dimensions of 1500x3000mm.

  • The size of a sheet can vary up to 1500*3000 mm;
  • Sheet thickness can vary from 0.5 to 25.0mm;
  • We design and prepare drawings suitable for CNC machines.
Why choose us?

Operational efficiency

We aim to ensure that every customer would be satisfied not only with the quality of our work, but also with the deadlines. We strive for maximum efficiency in our work; thus we will quickly provide you with the best offer. As soon as you confirm your order, we will start its implementation and we guarantee that your order will be completed strictly within the agreed deadline.

High quality

Cutting metal with a laser requires care and experience, and the specialists of our team are distinguished by precisely these features. Our goal is to satisfy the individual needs of each customer and deliver products that meet all expectations of our clients.

Excellent price-quality ratio

We understand that our customers may have a limited budget they can spend on outsourced services, thus we will ensure our best to offer the best competitive price possible.

Innovative technology

We can cut parts that require particularly high precision in a much shorter time. The newest 4 KW TruLaser fiber technology helps to perform tasks more efficiently and accurately.

If you need metal laser cutting service, contact “SDL engineering”.
Each member of our team constantly raises their qualifications in order to improve and become the best professional in their field. Our team is hardworking, motivated and diligent; thus we can guarantee professional results.